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Do you know statistically that Americans spent an estimated $720 billion on Christmas last year and this could amount to a trillion dollars this year. To the praise and glory of God GRA Mission Squad GLOBAL was able to provide for families some special gifts like goats, chickens, and other income-generating animals so as to help these needy families break the cycle of poverty.

Many in Africa, are terribly struggling to survive, living in slums mired in extreme poverty and squalor, working as sewer cleaners and scavengers, with no chance of getting ahead or pulling themselves out of the gutter.

Extreme poverty is the root of tsunami-like corruption in the Majority World. According to statistics, the poorest 20 percent of the world’s children who are two times likely to die before age five. Globally, every year, 2.7 million newborns, equal to the population of Chicago will die from poverty-related health and nutrition issues in the first month of life. Almost 3 billion people do not have toilets, and nearly 1 billion lack safe drinking water in the Majority World and in the same instance 161 million primary-age children cannot afford to attend school.

Accordingly to statistics, it was discovered that as much as one-third of girls and women around the world, will suffer physical and or sexual violence in their lifetime.

Several workshops designed to eliminate violence against girls and women were organized during the year 2019. Victims of this horrendous activities include battered wives, abused daughters, college students, and defenseless widows.

Globally, the litany of violence, involves rampant female infanticide, forced child marriage,

God intends preaching to be persuasive. The instruction to preach the Word in 2 Timothy 4: 2, comes with three commands that relates to persuasion, which are to “reprove, rebuke, and exhort.”

During the soul winning activities of GRA Mission Squad, GLOBAL all through this year and in particular, during the last month’s mighty harvest, we are helped by the Holy Spirit to call multitudes of people, out of darkness and sin into God’s marvelous light and love. God’s S

What on earth is ministry? Ministry is stewardship. Simply, you are carrying out the orders of your superior. Ministry is not an idea or a feeling. It is carrying out a given task. You are harnessing divine resources to carry out divine assignments committed into your hands. It is not a dream or a trance. It is not a church title, or some leadership position conferred on you by man, it is not an organization or an association. It is a divine assignment handed down to a person by God. It is not limited to the pulpit, but it covers a wide area of human needs including social, moral, spiritual, physical, mental, financial, academic, marital and

Something is wrong with today’s Laodicean Christianity. With such a vast knowledge about God and not of God, all we have produced is the form of godliness denying the power. Folks refused to change. Believers fight each other, pray against each other and not the enemy- Satan is a liar. Many Pastors sees each other as enemies. Instead of going out to win souls for the Lord, it’s all about wrecking, exacting and ruling over them while claiming their ownership just because of number game, empire building and money (Ezekiel 34:1-4). What we call growth is basically a “fish changing its tank”. “From whence come wars and fighting among you? com

Sin and sinners are destroyers. Sin is the transgression of the law, sin is lawlessness. When God says you should not do something and you do it, it is a sign of lawlessness. Breaking God’s law means breaking oneself. It’s like the stone falling on you instead of you falling on the stone. Sin is a sickness that contaminates the whole body. It is missing the mark of perfection. Whenever the enemy wants to get at a person, he manipulates him o

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