Healing hearts for girls and women

Healing hearts for girls and women

Accordingly to statistics, it was discovered that as much as one-third of girls and women around the world, will suffer physical and or sexual violence in their lifetime.

Several workshops designed to eliminate violence against girls and women were organized during the year 2019. Victims of this horrendous activities include battered wives, abused daughters, college students, and defenseless widows.

Globally, the litany of violence, involves rampant female infanticide, forced child marriage, sexual assault, domestic violence, slavery, prostitution, trafficking and genital mutilation.

Because men and women are created in the image and likeness of our God, GRA Mission Squad emphasized, honor and dignity for girls and women through our bimonthly Agape Celebration in several nations.

Understandably many victims in the majority world suffers in silence, and never seek help.

To the praise and glory of God, GRA Mission Squad, GLOBAL supported vulnerable girls and women through schooling, income-generating projects, literacy and skills training and church-based women’s health ministries. Most women in Africa suffers violence at the hands of husbands who are supposed to love them, at the hands of relatives who are supposed to care for them, and at the hands of strangers who were never supposed to have their hands on them in the first place. We can all play a major positive role in ending violence against girls and women.

Your monetary or tangible financial seed aids GRA Mission Squad Global in impacting the world.