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Dr. Akintayo Emmanuel is the president of Hear the Lord Ministries and the overseer of God’s Remnant Assembly. He is endowed by God according to the election of grace, with a prophetic and apostolic elegance, to reach the unreached with the gospel of the everlasting Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is a productive essayist, with a heavenly vision and commission to raise unto our God a mighty army of overcomers, who will be just like Jesus Christ in this age and yonder.

Dr. Akintayo Emmanuel is not only a breaker of the bread of God’s Word, he is also the founder and director of GRA Mission Squad GLOBAL, President of G42-Global Reformers, GRA Mission Squad GLOBAL-Bridge, GRA, Director of GRA Health Initiatives, President of Global Leadership and Intercultural Studies Initiatives in Africa (GLISI).

Dr. Akintayo Emmanuel has a God-given vision, that every tribe, tongue, people, and nations will come together to worship the Lord and have an intimate relationship with Him, especially those nations that are yet to be reached with the everlasting gospel of the Kingdom of God. This has been the passion of GRA Mission Squad Global. We are passionate about multiplying leaders in every stratum, establishing Christ-centered churches globally and equipping believers to carry the message of Jesus to all the nations of the world.

Dr. Akintayo Emmanuel attended the University of Ibadan, Catholic University of America, Oklahoma State University, NASA Aerospace Education center at Johnson Space Center, Houston, and Northeastern University. He also obtained a certificate of completion in cross-country Aviation Flight. As a Geneticist, he relishes the challenges of research in molecular genetics and genomics. Dr. Akintayo Emmanuel has vast experiences in Global studies, Missiological Research and World missions.

He is married to Sarah Emmanuel, a pastor, entrepreneur, environmental scientist and the president of Family Development and Samaritan Foundation to the praise and glory of God.

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Mrs. Sarah Emmanuel

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