Become a Missionary

GRA Mission Squad Global is about connecting you with God’s global mission.

There are several opportunities for you to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with GRA Mission Squad Global around the world. This is not just for a pastor, church planter, evangelist or a missionary. From a nurse and medical professional to a teacher and mechanics, from an engineer to a university student, you are a tool in God’s hands with your various skills and life experiences to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ where it is least heard.

To serve Jesus Christ with GRA Mission Squad Global, you must:

  • Have been genuinely born again (new birth experience) by the Holy Spirit,
  • Understand that everyone has been called to missions at different levels
  • Be willing to sacrifice for the Lord and live a life of self-denial
  • Know that God already sees you as light and salt of the earth.
  • Be willing to become the hands and feet of Jesus Christ
  • Be a member of a vibrant Christ-centered, Kingdom Church.
If you will like God to use your skills to make an eternal impact in the lives of those that are hungry for God, please fill out the form below and one of our team members will reach out to get to know you and share about how you will best serve with GRA Mission Squad Global.

Joshua Generation Harvest Mission School

Our goal is to train the trainers on the harvest field and to instill in each student the vision to take the gospel to the unreached, give them quality instruction in the Word of God and prepare them for pioneer work, hardship, and a life of faith through Jesus Christ.  Ninety percent of our graduates minister in places where the Gospel has never been preached. Our distinctive is not our methodology, but our church-focused vision. GRA – Joshua Generation Harvest Mission School is seriously involved in Bible translation, hospital and medical missions, radio and television programming, education, missions, and vocational training but all are a means to plant and strengthen churches in the gospel restricted nations.

You can serve the Lord Jesus Christ through GRA Mission Squad Global as a short-term, midterm or a long term missionary.

Short-term Missionaries

Typically serve for one month, but not more than a year. This opportunity to serve is designed to maximize the impact of current ministry going on in a given location, and to provide the short-term missionary with an opportunity to experience what God is doing in and through GRA Mission Squad Global. 

We don’t do “mission trips” because it’s popular; we provide opportunities for people to take steps toward a lifetime of being on a mission with God.

As a short-term missionary you will be prepared to make a positive contribution to the ministry of field missionaries; willing to expose your heart and mind to the needs and challenges at the harvest fields where you serve; and you will be opened to learn and grow from the relationship with the missionary on ground and indigenous people.

Term: One month up to a year

Mid-term Missionaries

These mission trips provide invaluable opportunities, both to the one going and to the people at the harvest field. Midterm missionaries serve long enough to get a clear sense of what long term ministry is like, as well as accomplishing a lot for the Kingdom.

Term: One to three years

Long-term Missionaries

The purpose of these mission trips is to build relationships that can make significant Kingdom impact. We believe the most effective ministries are those that build into communities over time, and that requires that we have people on the ground in a given location for the long Kingdom journey. By becoming a part of individuals’ lives, we earn the privilege of sharing Jesus with them. It all begins with someone like you, someone who is ready to invest a lifetime in obedience to God.

Term: Three years or more
There are different ways of “going” to the mission field. You go by praying for the missionaries on the ground or by giving to them. You can choose to sponsor a missionary; all donations will be given to missionaries that are most in need.


Begin the application process by completing our initial inquiry and request form. One of our recruit team will contact you to hear your story and personally guide you through the application process. After completing the formal application, your Recruitment Coordinator will connect you with an Applicant Coordinator who will then walk with you through the screening process, discussing specific placement opportunities along the way.

We look forward to your connecting with us in this Kingdom assignment whether to serve overseas or locally. GRA Mission Squad Global look forward to helping you channel your skills to serve the Lord in missions in different capacities around the world.

Please fill all fields as completely as possible. You may save and return to your form within 30 days using the “Save My Progress” button at the bottom of the form.

Your monetary or tangible financial seed aids GRA Mission Squad Global in impacting the world.