We Connect the “Voiceless Poor” to the Privileged

Since 1989, GRA Mission Squad Global has been involved in rugged missions to more than fifty nations serving children, women, and families holistically. Our desire is to see people from every ethnicity come into and grow into a radiant relationship with our loving Lord Jesus and be conformed to His image. We envision every at-risk child reach their full potential in life through the light of the glorious gospel of God and our help. We are committed to taking God’s love for people that are not yet reached with the gospel. We organize high-impact medical and dental outreaches, being God’s hands and feet extended to the poor in different nations. We feed, clothe, house, teach and serve vulnerable children displaced by war or disease.

The GRA Mission Squad-Bridge Program, (also known as The Bridge) has been serving hundreds of extremely needy children by providing a daily meal and regular medical checkups for their physical health and development. The Program helps these children with their education so they get a good job and afford sufficient food, decent clothing, medical supplies and raise a good family for themselves in the future.

Our desire is to sponsor one million at-risk children and women that do not have the opportunity to provide basic amenities for themselves and for their families.

When you sow a financial seed toward The Bridge you are bringing hope to a family and helping to break the cycle of poverty. The Bridge gives a voice to the voiceless poor students and families so that those who are privileged by the Lord could hear and help them by giving to them with genuine love, compassion, sacrifice, and respect. Through The Bridge, God is enabling these children to become all they possibly could be, so they can one day be a blessing to many others.

Realistically, many communities in the continent of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East have struggled hard for generations simply to survive. Some men and women have never had the privilege of pursuing an education themselves, and they are helpless to give one to their children. And since God loves these children deeply, He has brought them into the part of The Bridge to give them a chance for a better future.

Through your partnership with the GRA Mission Squad-BRIDGE program, the child you sponsor and their family will gain a far brighter future, and many will experience incredible love. You will be providing these children, a quality education, daily meal, health care needs, vocational training, sports venture, organized field trips to places of interest like airports, amusement centers, playgrounds, museum, libraries, zoo, science, sports and art centers. You will also be helping to home school some of these children that could not have been able to be educated due to persecution in their country, organize crisis prevention seminars and workshops that give these children knowledge about AIDS, child labor, sex trafficking, STD’s and provide effective supervision and close monitoring.

These children will in-turn be participating in several projects designed to serve their communities, like helping to clean, beautify and conduct other community services. They will also take part in awareness rallies that help educate their communities about societal concerns like tuberculosis, AIDS, illiteracy and child labor.

In some instances without GRA Mission Squad-BRIDGE program, there is none at home or school or even in the community where they live, who would encourage them to excel in their studies or talents. They are children from a very poor background. No one is ready to help them. No one is willing to teach these dear children who mostly end up hawking on the streets and are vulnerable to child predators.

Since children are the most vulnerable because they cannot care for themselves and thus require special attention, so as to prevent them from being exploited, GRA Mission Squad-BRIDGE program offers a high level of priority care to these children that are most vulnerable.

In this regard, GRA Mission Squad-BRIDGE program has been a way to demonstrate God’s love to those who are least reached with the gospel in ways they can easily understand. We aspire for every child to come into and grow into a radiant relationship with our loving Lord, Jesus Christ, and for them to reach their full potential. We seek to honor Jesus by taking His love to children who have the least opportunity to hear and understand the gospel and demonstrate His compassion to these vulnerable children in a holistic manner.

GRA Mission Squad-BRIDGE program lay solid foundational building blocks to show vulnerable children the love of Jesus and the hope He freely offers to those who have been hurt. There is always a prepared Bible story to deepen the Children’s knowledge of Jesus Christ. There is also opportunities for dramas, puppets, crafts, worship, interactive games, Bible stories, sports, or skits; whatever it takes to influence children towards the Kingdom of God, encourage them, and demonstrate the love of Jesus for them, which is always at our disposal.

As children’s lives are transformed through GRA Mission Squad-BRIDGE program, they bring new aspirations and knowledge they have acquired home to their families and the family benefit as a result. Even beyond this, GRA Mission Squad-BRIDGE does much to uplift the communities it serves.

Students that participate in GRA Mission Squad-BRIDGE are always encouraged and are visited at home. We provide them with excellent care, nurture, and protection. We also provide different gifts, that include but not limited to kitchenware items and bath soap, to help the whole family.

There are thousands upon thousands that are caught in forced labor while others are involved in a dangerous street hawking. These children are created in the image and likeness of God but have never had the opportunity to use a toothbrush or a bar of soap. From Kenya to Uganda, to Niger and Chad, to Somalia and Sudan, child laborers toil in fireworks, carpet and match factories; quarries and coal mines; rice fields, tea plantations, and pastures; and even brothels. Because they are exposed to dust, toxic fumes, pesticides, and disease, their health is compromised, and their bodies can be crippled from carrying heavy weights.

This is where the GRA Mission Squad Bridge Program comes in.

Every child enrolled in GRA Mission Squad-BRIDGE program comes from a family that is too poor to afford a proper education or the supplies needed to keep them in school. It is most likely that GRA Mission Squad-BRIDGE program child is the first in their family to receive an education and the hope that they can one day escape the suffocating grip of poverty.

Your love and sacrificial seed to GRA Mission Squad-BRIDGE will help care for abandoned and runaway children and, when possible, safely restore these children to their families.

Additionally, GRA Mission Squad-BRIDGE program has been helping many women that are forced into a life of prostitution to provide for themselves and their families. Imagine where little girls are taken off the streets and sold into the sex trade which has caused an indecent increase in AIDS/HIV. Your sacrificial seed towards GRA Mission Squad-BRIDGE program will save these young girls from a life of shame where those who cannot bear such shame, have turned to suicide as their only escape. However, as tragic as their current existence is, the greater tragedy is that they have nothing to look forward to in eternity, for they have never heard of the love of Jesus Christ.

GRA Mission Squad-BRIDGE program has been giving hope to the families living in extremely impoverished villages by helping to break the cycle of poverty as we share the love of God among them.

Millions of families across the globe are stuck in the cycle of poverty. Often without easy access to education, medical care or even reliable employment, these families have little hope for the future. This suffering isn’t just relegated to one family but exists for entire communities. Through GRA Mission Squad-BRIDGE program, helps are being rendered to these poor communities as we, identify specific needs and reaching out to families with items that help them fight the burden of poverty. Investing in these families makes community growth and development possible.

Your reward goes beyond

Imagine being greeted in heaven by hundreds—even thousands—of people who have been deeply impacted by your generosity. This is the motivation behind the operation of the GRA Mission Squad-BRIDGE program.