Our History

GRA Mission Squad Global (GRA MSG) is a dedicated, multi-ethnic and multi-skilled group of people, called by God to live out the Word of God in heart, word and in deed.

By election of grace, our director and founder, Dr. ‘Tayo Emmanuel, in several divine encounters with the Lord during the month of March, 1989 received a clear-cut vision of GRA Mission Squad Global from the Lord Jesus Christ, to bring the gospel to people that have not yet known the Lord intimately and to spark global generational missions movements that extends way beyond ourselves. Since then, GRA Mission Squad Global has reached more than a million souls with the good news and have multiplied leaders, churches and mission organizations among many people.

GRA Mission Squad Global is presently serving in more than 50 countries around the world, as we strive to be effective, teachable, and adaptable to diverse cultures where we serve. We are thankful to God for constantly humbling us to lift us as He teaches us new things each day with more than 30 years of experience.

Our first missionary experiences were to the Afizere, Jarawa, Fulani and Kanuri people group in Africa. Since then we have been strategically sharing Christ in bold, biblical, relational evangelism as we plant thriving Churches, train local leaders and believers to carry the message of Jesus Christ from Vietnam to Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Middle East countries, Mongolia, Japan, China, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uganda, Mali and many more.

As we press towards the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, we are relentlessly passionate to disciple new believers and empower the local church to carry the torch of missions and take the gospel of Jesus into new places until it has reached every nook and corner of every nation and God’s vision for us which is, “He shall cause them that come of Jacob to take root: Israel shall blossom and bud, and fill the face of the world with fruit.” Isaiah 27:6 KJV is fulfilled. This Rhema word, has been propelling us to multiplying leaders, churches and mission movements around the globe.

While some organizations specialize in ministry categories such as providing clean water, children welfare, educational missions, or support aid, GRA Mission Squad Global missionaries are engrossed in these ministries as well but we also partner with specialized missions in community development, medicine, HIV and AIDS ministry, and many more. Our distinctive is our church-focused vision. Many of our missionaries work as church planters in pioneer areas and in partnership with local churches in discipleship, evangelism, and theological education.

Your monetary or tangible financial seed aids GRA Mission Squad Global in impacting the world.