Destined to be impactful all over the world

Destined to be impactful all over the world

As salt and light to this world, a city set upon a hill that can never be hidden, a greater than John the Baptist (who himself if greater than all the Old Testament saints including Moses), as a greater than Jonah and Solomon in the order of the Sun (Son) of righteousness, Jesus Christ, a four faced man (Lion, Calf-Cherub, Man, Eagle), born and empowered from above, we are ordained to be impactful to our world, to bring about a positive change and to make a great significant impact to our world.

It will be a shame for you to die or for Jesus Christ to return back to the world without making an impact Are you leaving any footprints on the sands of time? What will be the result of your existence? People of impact are never satisfied, they have the desire to go beyond their present level, they aspire to gain greater heights, and they contribute to something bigger than themselves. They do not care about what they will benefit financially as long as others are blessed. They focus on long-term results rather than short -term. They sow when it is very hard to sow. They see into the future and plan for meaningful results. They never respond to destructive criticism, they are ever focused and have no unhealthy fear of man.
People of impact are willing to do what others are not willing to. They work hard with little supervision. They are never afraid of challenges. They leave a legacy for others to follow. They are stars and extraordinary in their generation. Their lives are characterized by commitment and they are agents of change. They will always disallow the immediate from affecting the ultimate. They leave a place better than they found it. They stretch themselves and soar beyond personal gifts through determination and self-discipline.

Enoch left a legacy of righteousness and holiness, but Methuselah did not continue where his father stopped. Enoch must have prayed to God to prolong his son’s life so that he could impact the world but there were no changes in Methuselah’s life. He never walked with God like his father. God by-passed him and sent Noah to build the Ark. He lived for almost a millennium but there was nothing recorded about him apart from the birth of many children. Many are battling with Methuselah’s spirit. Big for nothing, stagnant, fireless spiritual life, zero heavenly vision and purpose, aimlessness while claiming authority with no ground.

Every reader of this “Greater Acts of the Apostles” today must be a blessing. You must be a contributor and not just a consumer. You can do more than you are doing now. You must be a thermostat to this world and not just a thermometer. You are born as a star and God is commanding you to arise and shine. You are an original and not a photocopy. What happened to you in the past cannot be compared to what is happening in your life right now. Yesterday has ended and you have a glorious future to pursue. Where you are born does not determine your destiny. The decision is yours today! Take responsibility in Christ Jesus to avert being a liability.

Apprehended to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ,
Dr. ‘Tayo Emmanuel


I thank the Lord for destroying the yoke of insurmountable debt in my life. After daddy prayed and anointed us during “Alpha and Omega Gathering” all my debts were miraculously cleared off. That same day I was delivered from two accidents that could have taken my life but God preserved me. I also started a new internship as an IT analyst. Glory be to God.


I thank God for this semester! Last semester my GPA was 1.7. This was my first semester as a member of GRA. I came with a poor GPA. My father in the Lord prophesied over me and said that I would get a 4.0 this semester through the spirit of wisdom and excellent spirit. Glory be to God I received all A’s and only one A minus with a 4.0 GPA. Also I was accepted into several internship programs.


My husband and I got news that we were expecting a child this year. During the 4TH month the doctors said that it would be impossible for me to carry this child to term. My father in the Lord decreed over me that this child would be perfectly delivered and to God’s glory I delivered a healthy bouncing baby girl despite the doctor’s satanic report. Hallelujah!


There was a coworker of mine that I told about the manifest power of God in GRA. Her grandson had cancer and after giving her the mantle prayed over in GRA by my father in the Lord, he was miraculously healed. I ran into her at work during Christmas and she began to shed tears of joy. She said that for the first time in 2 years her grandson spent Christmas at home after being healed of this evil cancer by the hand of the Almighty God. We praise the Lord for the God of GRA!

TESTIMONY – Miracle Money and favor

Immediately after daddy’s message was given to me, I used the opportunity to check my account because I wanted to make a purchase. I usually receive two commission checks within a month from my job, but there was an additional check of $1,000 downloaded to my account from nowhere. Praise God. Also I won a 43 inch TV. raffle at work that very day. Also I was miraculously favored at my job. Praise ye the Lord!

Your monetary or tangible financial seed aids GRA Mission Squad Global in impacting the world.