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The parable of Jesus Christ in Luke 10: 25-37 bespeaks of a Church (the man) that has regressed from Jerusalem, the place of peace with and of God, where the God of Zion is the focus, the new-Jerusalem from above (Gal. 4: 26), to Jericho, where the emphasis is on self, material and financial gain, a place of Achan, the troubler of Israel (Joshua 7) and hurtful lust (1 Tim 6: 9). We have been called unto upward movement in God. We are to co

GRA Mission Squad, GLOBAL constantly engage a weekly fasting and prayer for the United States and all the nations of the world, including Africa and Asia continents. We pray that the will of the enemy be aborted and that God will have mercy on all the nations and that the desire of the enemy be inoperative. We pray for the salvation of the souls of the unsaved.

We also fast and pray for different matters that arises in the nations, and in the communities where we serve and for families.

As the Lord has commanded, we pray for wisdom for Presidents of all the nations of the earth. We have been praying for God’s supernatural protection a

Do you know that many of the poorest families in the Majority world are manipulated into selling their daughters to opportunists who promise a better life for them. But many of these girls are never heard from or seen again. Young girls and women are often enslaved in brothels and nightly activities despite the vigilance and good works of governments in these nations to combat this nefarious acts.

GRA Mission Squad, GLOBAL educational departments has been teaching girls during this past year, to protect themselves, and offer their bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God. We have given sanitary products to thousands of girl

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